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Starting with the Questions

When we first meet we will talk about your questions. Then I have questions for you: What are your goals? What strategy and tactics do you have in place to address the different levels of the business funnel.

Research and Analysis

Once we have a clear idea of where you need the most support, I dive into analytics. Not only does this audit time allow me to evaluate how you are measuring up, I use the time to get grounded in your business and develop a road map for success.

Full Speed Ahead

Let’s get to work! I work with you and your team to address the areas we choose as priority. We will set monthly or bi-weekly goals and work together to achieve these to see rapid results.

Monitoring Success

For every project I create a scorecard that will help provide a framework for growth, allow us to continually check in and evaluate project/marketing success, as well as highlight challenges and opportunities to pivot.


With over 13 years in marketing, I am passionate about contributing and guiding strategy and execution of projects and brilliant ideas to support the growth and profitability of kickass businesses, non-profits and individuals. I’ve worked around the world with all sizes and complexities of organizations. With every project, I bring my strengths in business strategy, marketing design and leadership to help guide domestic and international organizations to reach and surpass goals.
Are you running after a lot of to-do’s without a clear understanding of your audience, your reach, or your goals? I will research, analyze and recommend marketing strategies for your specific business model.
I will audit the current communication strategy including website messaging, SEO, email communication and social media channels to provide you with a clear communication strategy.
You need like-minded partners to help elevate your vision. I have a knack for matchmaking individuals and businesses. Let me create a custom cross-promotional plan for your business to help share the love.
I understand the importance of messaging, imagery & user experience. I help individuals and businesses refresh and create their online presence. I support clients through refresh and new site creation.


What project can I help you with?