The Incredible Kemmet-Bailey Family and Their Many Reasons to Smile

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It may sound cliché, with a dentistry practice called Incredible Smiles, but Lori Kemmet and her family truly are incredible. Lori and husband Jeff Bailey seem to make it all work, somehow balancing successful businesses with giving back to the community, while ensuring that they raise their daughter, Georgia, in a team effort, without a nanny. With hard work and determination, Lori and Jeff have followed their bliss and with it they are enjoying a life that many strive for.

In 1992, after serving as a Captain in the U.S. Air Force in dentistry, Lori Kemmet arrived in Boulder to work as a dentist in a local practice. Boulder was among several locations Lori considered. Within a year Lori had secured a loan for $35,000 for her own practice, Incredible Smiles, and in that same year she met her life-partner, Jeff Bailey. Boulder seemed to be the right choice for Lori.

In 1997, Lori found her passion within her field, focusing on cosmetic and neuromuscular dentistry. Her work is one that improves the lives of her patients – from giving someone the opportunity to smile without embarrassment to actually curing hearing loss and migraines through neuromuscular dentistry. In 2004 Lori received the Mastership Award from Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies, where she continues her education as well as lectures. (There have been only 20 recipients of the award since 2004.) Lori’s expertise has led to a very strong reputation around Boulder and beyond; in fact, over 50% of her clientele come to her from the Denver-area, and as far away as Wyoming and Nebraska.

As Incredible Smiles has become a multi-million dollar business Lori has made it a priority to give back. Lori shared that in their success – she and Jeff find it very important to provide opportunity to others and to give back to the community. She recently supported the Boulder Homeless Shelter’s new clinic providing dentistry for those in need. In addition she gives time and resources to other foundations, such as Give Back a Smile and The Wildlife Animal Sanctuary. In addition, Lori has set up a dental scholarship at her alma mater, Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota. This helps students fund their college education who may not otherwise pursue a career in dentistry. Lori is also an original board member for the non-profit organization, A Precious Child, which provides clothing to children in need.

Jeff is a real estate developer and the founder of Bailey Property Management in Boulder. In addition to his entrepreneurial ventures Jeff is a writer and also a certified yoga instructor. According to Lori much of her spirituality and peace comes from her practice of yoga, which leads to another interesting way that the Kemmet-Baileys are finding meaningful ways to provide happiness to others. Earlier this year, Lori and Jeff opened The Yoga Loft with a desire to bring authentic yoga to South Boulder. The two are determined to provide a space that isn’t about yoga as merely a workout but also as a spiritual practice. In a town already pumping with yoga studios, the Yoga Loft, with its beautifully designed space, stunning views of the Flatirons and full classes, is already providing something unique for the community – so much so they are already receiving requests to expand.

As they focus on the inner work of students in their yoga studio, Lori and Jeff have also partnered together to share their passion for living an organic lifestyle. They work closely with Pangea Organics and create awareness of how to live healthy on the inside and out, as well as how to make wise purchases and learning to consciously consume.

Between all of these roles and businesses, the biggest team effort and commitment goes into raising their daughter Georgia. Amid their busy schedules Jeff and Lori make sure that one of them is always available for Georgia. As selective and thoughtful as they are in their other life choices, they have made a choice to enrol their daughter in the Watershed school in Boulder. “How can I help?” and “How can I make a difference?” is central to the Watershed School experience. The school focuses on creating students that are stewards of the community and inspires global awareness in the curriculum – something that Lori and Jeff firmly believe in and support.

Learning about the work and lives of both Lori and Jeff is inspiring. We’ve all met successful business people and many are stressed and exhausted. They are usually unable to make their lives function as a whole and many areas, particularly family and health, can easily get sidelined. There is something particularly important to be learned from the Kemmet-Bailey’s: they are not just inspiring for their work and charity, they are genuinely happy. Perhaps Booker T. Washington gives the best answer as to how they do it: “The happiest people are those who do the most for others.”

Originally Published in Boulder Lifestyle Magazine, May 2015

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